Monumental Art 

in Chicago's Lincoln Park


Giants in the Park

Monumental Art in Chicago's Lincoln Park

Written and Hosted by Krista August

Video designed and produced by Kristin Noelle Smith

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Bought book last night. Husband loves it. Thank you


Missing Giants

American Doughboy
Captain Magnus Andersen
Ludwig von Beethoven
Giuseppe Garibaldi
Sir Georg Solti
Carl von Linne

Missing Monuments

(Yerkes) Electric Fountain

Other Monuments

Bates Fountain
Couch Tomb
Curve XXII ("I Will")
Fountain Girl
Kennison Boulder
Totem Pole of Kwanusila

The Giants

The Alarm
John Peter Altgeld
Hans Christian Andersen
Greene Vardiman Black
Eugene Field Memorial
Benjamin Franklin
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Ulysses S. Grant
Alexander Hamilton
Rene Robert de La Salle
Abraham Lincoln
Richard Oglesby
Dr. Jose Rizal
Friedrich von Schiller
William Shakespeare
Philip Henry Sheridan
Signal of Peace
Emanuel Swedenborg

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“Giants” is “a passionate, personal project (combining history, art, love of Chicago, love of books), beautifully executed."

-- Sharon Woodhouse, publisher

“This lovely book, which is accented by the author’s watercolors of the statues, belongs on everyone’s Chicago-history bookshelf.”

-- Greg Borzo, author