Stroll or bike Lincoln Park and encounter giants of history and literature celebrated in bronze: Lincoln, LaSalle, Grant, Andersen, Schiller, Shakespeare, Goethe, Sheridan, and more!  Author and illustrator Krista August unveils the forgotten histories behind these local treasures with her award-winning book, “Giants in the Park.”  Missing statues and the park’s cemetery years are documented as well.

Paperback: 118 pages

Publisher: Lincoln Park Press, 2011

Dimensions: 5.75 x 7.75″

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Giants in the Park


Lincoln Park

Illinois State

Historical Society

Certificate of Excellence


Giants in the Park is now a video!!

"Chicago's Lincoln Park Unveiled"

Written and Hosted by Krista August

​Video Designed and Produced by Kristin Noelle Smith

Access videos here.

Chicago Writers Association

Book of the Year


“‘Giants in the Park’ is an essential item for any Chicago lover’s bookshelf.”
— Rick Kogan, WGN


“This lovely book, which is accented by the author’s watercolors of the statues, belongs on everyone’s Chicago-history bookshelf.”
— Greg Borzo, author


“Giants” is “a passionate, personal project (combining history, art, love of Chicago, love of books), beautifully executed.”
— Sharon Woodhouse, Publisher