Very interesting, creative and educational way to see Chicago from a very unique perspective.
Highly recommend.

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Dirty Diaper Detective

2017 Certificate of Excellence Illinois State Historical Society

Let Us Have Peace -- Ulysses S. Grant

Sticker Books 4.25 X 5.5" 

Monumental Art in Chicago's Lincoln Park
32 Stickers of Vintage Monuments ~ 1.7 x 2.4 inches

Lincoln Park, Chicago's north side playground, is populated with giants of history and literature celebrated in enduring bronze. Find Lincoln Park's seventeen vintage statues in this sticker collection, plus other historical monuments and images.

MONUMENTAL ART at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition
32 Stickers of Vintage Images ~ 1.7 x 2.4 inches
Chicago’s World’s Columbian Exposition was named to honor the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ New World arrival, therefore the principal statues, in and around the Grand Basin, exuberantly celebrated Columbus’ voyage and discovery....

Dare To Do Our Duty -- Abraham Lincoln

We all thoroughly enjoyed your program last night. Wondering if you are available for other lectures?

Thank you so much for your fascinating lecture -- everyone seemed riveted by your presentation.  I learned so much! 

Giants in the Park ACTIVITY BOOK Plus Sticker Page is designed to engage students with coloring pages, primary source material, text highlighting notable history, multidisciplinary activities and 36 mini statue and park-themed stickers.

Students will explore online:

  • National Park Service

  • National Gallery of Art
  • ​Friends of the Chicago Portage
  • Hidden Truths: The Chicago City Cemetery and Lincoln Park
  • Great Chicago Fire and the Web of Memory
  • National Museum of American History
  • Chicago Public Library's online collection of the Chicago Tribune Historical Archives
  • Library of Congress
  • Westegg Inflation Calculator

      The statues and their histories determined the learning opportunities, so the exercises vary with respect to age level. 
     Eight of the park’s seventeen portrait statues are featured with learning activities, and an additional five monuments are highlighted with coloring pages. Less common words are introduced in the text to help young readers grow their vocabularies, while a glossary is provided to support student understanding.​

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Faithful Friends:  Old Wife, Old Dog, Ready Money

Benjamin Franklin

My Dog Speaks More Eloquently Than Thee!

Alexander Hamilton (The Musical)

8.5" x 11" ​ For grades 3 and up

​​​​An Art and History Guidebook

2011 Book of the Year Chicago Writers Association

2014 Certificate of Excellence Illinois State Historical Society

Giants in the Park is a history guide for the monuments in Lincoln Park, Chicago's largest and, historically, most important park. Monumental art encountered with this walking tour guidebook include "Lincoln the Man," La Salle, Grant, Sheridan, Schiller, Goethe, Altgeld ... seventeen portrait statues in all. Missing monuments and salient park history are documented as well.

     'Lincoln the Man' is the most important statue on the tour and is a masterpiece of Augustus Saint Gaudens, the ranking American sculptor of his era.

     The bronze of the French explorer La Salle is the most significant to Chicago's history. At it's unveiling in 1889, La Salle was celebrated as the man "to whose geographical discoveries American civilization owes a heavy debt."

     The history behind each and every statue is unique and exciting. Throughout the book, connections exist to a wide variety of topics:


  • the 1893 World's Fair
  • the Haymarket Riot
  • the Chicago Fire
  • the Civil War and Camp Douglas
  • early Chicago ethnic groups
  • the Chicago City Cemetery
  • Charles Yerkes
  • the WCTU and the temperance movement
  • Mayor Carter Harrison and much more!


     Lincoln Park's monumental art invites us to explore the old, to study the heroes of our Chicago forefathers, and through examining the realization of their likenesses, to glimpse moments and ideals from our great city's youth. 

 “'Giants in the Park' is an essential item for any Chicago lover’s bookshelf.” ​​

-- Rick Kogan, WGN

Pablo's Bandanas

An Art and History Activity Book

Grant Onesie reads: "Let Us Have Peace"

Lincoln and Hand-Dyed Onesies read: ​​Lincoln Park

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Monumental Art 

in Chicago's Lincoln Park


Giants in the Park